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seongsan sunrise peak

Seongsan Sunrise Peak, known commonly as Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, is an enormous “vulcanic shape” that was formed by a volcanic eruption many years ago. Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone erupted in very moist and sticky conditions allowing a lot of water to permeate into the volcanic vent, making the diverse depositional features of a wet eruption. The wet hydrovolcanic activity continued until the end of the eruption The peak contains a lot of  sharp rocks that form around the edge of the crater and create the illusion of an ancient castle when viewed from a distance.  The Seongsan Sunrise Peak offers view of the sunrise and has a status as an Unesco World Heritage Site.  If you can it is best to be here for the sunrise, but even if you are not up in time be sure check out Seongsan Sunrise Peak while in Jeju.

Jeongbang Falls

Jeongbang Waterfall is a famouse on Jeju Island. The waterfall is 23 m high and is very close to the ocean. Depending on the level of recent rainfall, Jeonbang waterfall can be up 8 m wide. The source of the waterfall is the river   stream Donghong-chun. This is the only waterfall in Asia to fall directly into the sea. This is on the southern side of Jeju Island at Seogwipo.Wikipedia

This is a very beautiful location and in a good location. You can visit here for any length of time that you would like. It is great for a quick stop on the way to other attractions on the south side of the island. Don't miss this one. Even if you have many other things to do on Jeju island is time to put this on the list. greate place to visit with friends or family.

jeju loveland

Jeju Loveland is a greate place to be if you are a little bit kinky. Loveland is an outdoor park full of scolptures. Loveland has open in 2004 on Jeju island in South Korea. Loveland par is focused on a theme of sex. Here you can also watch sex educating films. the main atraction are scolptures in various sex positions. this i a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet.

There are lots of beaches to enjoy your time in park, maybe eat some food and enjoy the view, water in the loveland is just fine to jump in. This is in contrast to the Korean mainland, which has colder beaches and colder water. Like most wonderful place there you can relax and see the sights and enjoy every minute there.


jeju transportation


Jeju Island, there are many types of transportation for your convinience. Bus - if you do not mind othere people sitting next to you.                                                                        Taxi - If you prefer to be alone for a ride, but it will cost you  more.Scooters - this type of transportation offers

Buses and taxis are the two main public transportation in Jeju Island and are commonly used by the travelers.




jeju glass museum

At the Jeju Glass Museum, you can see beautiful work of glass. If u feel artistic you can  create your own masterpiece with your hands and take it home or give it some one as a gift. The Jeju Glass Museum is a fun place to be with your friends or family. Kids will enjoy every second spent in museum. There is much to see in Jeju, and much to do as well. the museum is just one of the many atraction on Jeju island. If you are a backpacker there is transportation connection so geting there is no problem.


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