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What is a purpose of a wellness?

At the wellness center they try to please your every wish that you might have about your health. they work on mantaining and improving your well being. You can expect steam spa and exercise using properties of water.  here the trainers provide you precise treatment and consultation for your better yourney true life itself.


453-95, 1100-ro | 1F, WE Hotel, Seogwipo, Jeju Island 63551, South Korea
+82 64-730-1462


 Sanbangsan Carbonate Hot Springsw

Rare carbon hot spring, Sanbangsan Mountain hot spring is the first public hot spring in Jeju.
Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring is situated in the center of three islands. spanning 11,111 square meters, housed in a 3,300-square-meter building with an estimated 1,000-person capacity. they have on site restaurant. the springs are known to have health benefits for the hearth andy all the body, becous carbonic acid gas is absorbed direct in the skin. the water  stimulates capillary vessels.  This enhances blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and reducing the burden on the heart.

192, Sagyebuk-ro 41beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju Island 63528, South Korea
+82 64-792-8300


Yongduamhaesu land         

This is a place to have a good sweat, a long soak, and an intensive scrub.”If you've never been to a Korean public bath, then there are some things you should know. First, go in and pay - currently it's 6000 Won for the baths (segregated by gender) and 8000 Won for both the bathes and the "jimjilbang" (which is a unisex area filled with different hot rooms to enjoy a sweat lodge style experience).
You can stay as long as you want, and even sleep there. I would never suggest doing so, however, since, even though this is a standard option for most Korean baths, and they are arguably the cheapest place to sleep in Korea, they are also loud, sometimes crowded, and generally pretty damned uncomfortable for sleeping.

Spas & Wellness                                                        1006-3, Yongdam-3-dong, Jeju, Jeju Island, South Korea

+82 64-742-7000


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